July 2021 Events for the Food Policy Enthusiast

by NYC Food Policy Editor

The Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center has compiled a list of events in July 2021 to keep you engaged and up to date on the latest discussions about food policy. If you have an event you would like to add to our list, please email us at info@nycfoodpolicy.org.

DAWN of Women in Agriculture: Technology as an Enabler
Organized By: Future Food Institute and MoooFarm
When: July 2, 2021 2 – 4AM EDT
Length: 2 hours
About: In this Food Systems Summit Dialogue, speakers will have a conversation about the roles of women in farming, particularly dairy farming, around the globe. Women do most of the physical work in animal husbandry, yet their efforts are often unacknowledged and they are left out of major decisions made at the supply chain level. The goal of this convening is to candidly discuss efforts to connect women in the dairy farming industry with technologies that will empower them and improve the system.
Registration: Here

Achieving Healthy Diets for All: What are the Gaps Constraining Progress?
Organized By: Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition
When: July 6, 2021 7:30AM – 9AM EDT
Length: 1.5 hours
About: Presentations will address issues of food classification systems, evidence to identify and balance trade-offs between food and the environment, the role of indigenous foods, and issues related to food affordability.
Registration: Here

COVID-19, Food Systems, and One Health in an Urbanizing World: Research Responses at a National Level
Organized By: CGIAR and RUAF
When: July 6, 2021 9:30AM – 11AM EDT
Length: 1.5 hour
About: This event is part of the UNFSS Science Days side events series. Participants will discuss the profound effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on urban food systems (especially those in low- and middle-income countries) and plans for the rebuilding of these systems so that all people are food secure.
Stream: Here

Plant Poisoning Prevention
Organized By: NYC Parks GreenThumb
When: July 6, 2021 12 – 1PM EDT
Length: 1 hour
About: The NYC Parks GreenThumb is hosting a webinar to help residents identify common poisonous plants that can be found both indoors and outdoors, so they can better avoid poison exposure. The conversation will be facilitated by Luz Martinez, a Community Health Educator and the NYC Poison Control Center.
Registration: Here

Reforming Agricultural Policies to Support Food Systems Transformation
Organized By: International Food Policy Research Institute, Indian Council for International Economic Research, and Academy of Global Food Economics and Policy, China Agricultural University
When: July 7, 2021 9:30AM – 11AM EDT
Length: 1.5 hours
About: This event is part of the UNFSS Science Days side events series. In the webinar, participants will discuss agricultural policies and financial support from the government. How can agricultural support be restructured to ensure the food system is equitable, sustainable, and secure?
Stream: Here

Summer Learning 2021: Social Justice through Food and Agriculture with Donovan Robinson
Organized By: The New York Public Library
When: July 8, 2021 3:30PM – 4PM EDT
Length: 30 Minutes
About: In this workshop, Donovan Robinson will describe our country’s current, past, and future food systems. We will talk about some of the basics of culinary arts and what it means to be a lifelong cook. We will explore the history of agriculture in America followed by a step by step tutorial on what it means to be a steward of the land.
Stream: Here

A Food-Secure Future for New York City 
Organized By: United Nations Association Of New York
When: July 8, 2021 6 – 7PM EDT 
Length: 1 hour
About: This event will address food insecurity here in New York City. With a diverse panel, the focus of this session will be on resources available, research, legislation and ways we can all take action as volunteers. 
Registration: Here

UN Food Systems Summit Science Days
Organized By: Scientific Group of the UN Food Systems Summit 2021
When: July 8-9, 2021 7AM EDT
Length: Various
About: The Science Days will focus on highlighting the centrality of science, technology and innovation for food systems transformation. The event will encourage a diversity of perspectives based on science, thereby facilitating rationalization and inclusiveness of debate. 
Registration: Here

True Cost Accounting for Food – New Metrics for the 21st Century
Organized By: Global Alliance for the Future of Food and TABLE
When: July 9, 2021 10AM – 11:30 AM EDT
Length: 1.5 hours
About: This Ask the Author session will provide a space for a detailed discussion on food system transformation and the value and opportunities of True Cost Accounting for food. A small group of speakers who approach this topic from different backgrounds and areas of expertise will be invited to join the panel.
Registration: Here

The Importance of Nutrition Assistance and Fighting Hunger
Organized By: Feeding America West Michigan
When: July 9, 2021 1PM – 2:30PM EDT
Length: 1.5 hours
About: Professor Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach from Northwestern University will be presenting on improving the lives of children in poverty, including education, health and income support policies.
Registration: Here

What’s Good? The Quest for Sustainability with Peter Hoffman and Amanda Cohen
Organized By: Museum of Food and Drink
When: July 13, 2021 7 – 8PM EDT
Length: 1 hour
About: Chef Peter Hoffman will be talking about his memoir, What’s Good? with fellow chef Amanda Cohen. The pair will discuss the foods we eat and the backstories about these foods, tying in their own experiences in the New York City restaurant scene. 
Registration: Here

Food Systems Forum
Organized By: Pinduoduo
When: July 14, 2021 7:30AM – July 15, 2021 10:45AM
Length: Various
About: In Pinduoduo’s inaugural Food Systems Forum, experts from around the world will discuss the global agricultural food supply chain. Topics include sustainability and climate change, technological advancements in food, and regulation of new products.
Registration: Here

Flower Print + Food Waste Natural Dye Workshop
Organized By: Brooklyn Grange
When: July 18, 2021 4PM – 6:30PM EDT
Length: 2.5 hours
About: Join Flower Dye founder Susanna Taylor for an evening of learning to create color from nature! In this workshop you will learn to create vibrant, lasting textile color from flowers, food waste and even medicinal ingredients you would find in a kitchen or at the market. Class will include harvesting some summer blooms for bundle dying.
Registration: Here

Four Innovative Apps for Food Pantries and Food Banks
Organized by: TechSoup
When: July 20, 2021 2PM EDT
About: Food insecurity affects about a quarter of the world’s population and more than 80 percent of US food banks are serving more people now than they did a year ago. How can we apply technology towards these challenges? See four apps addressing food insecurity in action during this Public Good App House event.
Registration: Here

Pantry Food Safety – It’s Your Job
Organized By: Michigan State University Extension: Food Policy
When: July 28, 2021 9AM – 12PM EDT
Length: 3 hours
About: MSU Extension is offering a free 3-hour online safety training for food pantry staff and volunteers, at the end of which participants will receive a training certificate. Topics covered will include sanitary practices, food storage, legal issues and more.
Registration: Here

Solutions for New Plant-Based Dairy Alternatives
Organized By: Dairy Reporter
When: July 29, 2021 10AM EDT
Length: 1 hour
About: Speakers Jim Cornall, Géza Molnár, Kishan Vasani and Corina Pasol will discuss the new developments in the plant-based milk alternative market, as well as how companies can make their dairy alternative products stand out to consumers looking for something new. 
Registration: Here

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