NYC Farmers’ Market Interview: Rose Hubbert of Back to the Future Farms

by Deirdre Appel
Ryan Race

As part of our ongoing NYC Farmers’ Market Interview series, Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center interviewed Rose Hubbert of Back to the Future Farm, an all-natural dairy and poultry farm in Westtown, New York. To learn more about our NYC Farmers’ Market Interview series or watch other interviews in the series, visit this page.

Interview Transcription

Food Policy Center (FPC): “What do you sell?”
Rose Hubbert (RH): “We do milk, eggs, chicken, cheese, and yogurt. We are a dairy and poultry farm”

FPC: “Where did you grow up?”
RH: “Rocklin County, New York”

FPC: “How did you get involved in this field?”
RH: “I have only been farming 6 years now, and I’m almost 60 years old”

FPC: “Where are your products made?”
RH: “We make them right on our farm”

FPC: “What is your favorite thing about greenmarkets?”
RH: “Without greenmarket, my milk would probably never make it on the menu of Eleven Madison Park Restaurant”

FPC: “Where else do you sell?”
RH: “We’re in our local grocery stores, we’re in some Brick and Mortar stores in Brooklyn”

FPC: “So you’re everywhere!”
RH: “We try to be!”

FPC: “What is special about your products?”
RH: “My husband, myself, and my fifteen year old literally will go in and milk the cows, and then I’ll go right into the process plant and I’ll bottle.”

FPC: “What did you eat for breakfast this morning?”
RH: “Yogurt with watermelon”

FPC: “What’s your favorite food?”
RH: “Ice cream by far”

FPC: “If you could choose 1 last meal on earth, what would it be?”
RH: “Bowl of Ice cream!”

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