Interview with Galen Foulois, Founder, RestoreFood

by Cameron St. Germain

Galen Foulois, Founder, Restore Foods

The RestoreFood Vision is to bring more health-conscious food and awareness into our individual, everyday lives. In Old Regime France, a restaurant was not a place to eat, it was a specially prepared broth served to people who were considered ill or malnourished. A “restaurant” was considered “that which restores health or gives strength.” Returning to this original spirit of the restaurant but with a modern sensibility, focus on taste, and embrace of technology, RestoreFood restores the principle of eating for our health by changing the way we prepare our food, how and why we select the foods we eat, and the means we have in our hands to make better, personalized food decisions. Restorefood offers private health chef services, made-to-measure eating plans, and small event catering as well as innovative nutrition technologies.

Galen Foulois, founder of RestoreFood, was trained in gourmet wellness cuisine at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City. Before venturing into health cuisine, he worked in new technologies and luxury media. RestoreFood combines his passion for great food and expertise as a chef with the care for the self through traditional and innovative solutions.

Where you grew up: Washington, Connecticut

Where you live now: Washington Square Park, NYC

Background and education: I awakened to food and healing in late teens.  Studied International Business in university.  Cultivated a career in Online Media Technology.  Morphed into Food as Medicine Chef, Innovation & Consultation

Food policy/food as medicine hero: AnneMarie Colbin

One word to describe our food system: Dynamic

One word to describe our healthcare system: Dilapidated

Your favorite food: Kimchi

Your breakfast this morning: Acai bowl with frozen banana and almond milk topped with chia seeds, sesame seeds, flax oil, fresh banana and blueberries

Your last meal on earth: Shojin Riori Set at Kobodayashi Temple in Mt Koyasan Japan

Must-have healing food/ingredient: Fresh Ginger

Food policy, health, food as medicine book, website(s) social media/blog must-follow/read:  (Books: Food Energetics, Neurogastronomy, Nutritional Genomics) (Podcast: Bulletproof Radio) (Website/Social Media: Habit Nutrition)

Your elevator pitch for food as medicine? Every food we put in our mouth impacts the quality of our everyday life.  By making better and more informed decisions we can leverage the power of food as medicine  for our individual body’s so we can live happier and healthier lives.

Which widespread nutritional misconceptions worry you the most? Pretty much any heavily marketed diet solution.  These are all blind attempts to fix a physical-psychological problem when they completely lack the integrity and insight to truly provide a solution.  I recommend working with a trained professional on an individual basis to come up with a plan that works specifically for you.

What do you see as the next step for food as medicine? Personalized Nutrition

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