Food Policy for Breakfast: Challenging Food Industry Practices and Messages on Nutrition: What Role for Health Professionals? – Resources

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Part of our Fall 2015 Food Policy for Breakfast Seminar Series

A Conversation with:

Krieger1-preferredDr. Jim Krieger, Executive Director, Action for Healthy Food, a non-profit founded in late 2014 to reduce the burden of obesity and chronic disease. It focus on promoting healthy food consumption and accessibility while reducing exposure to and consumption of unhealthy foods. An important focus is reducing consumption of excessive sugar. Krieger is also Clinical Professor of Medicine and Health Services at University of Washington.

MSMarlene Schwartz, PhD, Director for the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity and Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at the University of Connecticut. The Rudd Center is a multi-disciplinary policy research center dedicated to providing high-level expertise and guidance on obesity prevention and food related policy.

Moderated by Nicholas Freudenberg, Distinguished Professor of Public Health at Hunter College and the CUNY School of Public Health and Director of the NYC Food Policy Center at Hunter College.

In 2012, the ten major food companies spent about $7 billion advertising mostly unhealthy food. Each year, the food and beverage industries spend about $2 billion marketing to children and adolescents, again mostly unhealthy products. In addition, in the last decade, food companies have spent billions to defeat or weaken public health measures to improve nutrition. How can health professionals and food advocates respond to these practices? What strategies have proved effective in countering the harmful effects of the food and beverage industry’s business and political practices?


Event Video



Marlene Schwartz, UCONN Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity, presents at the CUNY Graduate Center on October 7, 2015.


From left: Jim Krieger, Marlene Schwartz and Nicholas Freudenberg discuss and respond to questions from the audience on October 7, 2015 at the CUNY Graduate Center.


Jim Krieger, Action for Healthy Food, speaks on his work and effective strategies to combat Big Food at the CUNY Graduate Center on October 7, 2015.


Pinda Sako, Youth Food Educator, presents on her experience in the East Harlem Youth Food Educators program, an initiative of the NYC Food Policy Center at Hunter College.


Johnson D, Sakho, P. East Harlem Youth Food Educators. NYC Food Policy Center at Hunter College. 2015.

Schwartz M. Taking on the Food Industry Through Research. UCONN Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity. 2015.

Additional Readings

UCONN Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity

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