26 Food Podcasts for Summer 2021

by Giulia Panter

As we head into summer, the Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center has compiled a list of podcasts covering a range of food topics to keep you informed. This collection of food podcasts covers everything from agriculture and sustainability to food marketing and cuisine allowing every listener to find their niche in the food world. 

Add Passion and Stir
Host: Billy Shore
Category: Food, Food Justice, Hunger
Episodes-to-Date: 218 
What It’s About: “Food plays a central role in our lives — from our health and the health of the environment to a child’s educational achievement and opportunity — and yet, hunger is a daily reality for many. Every week, Billy Shore, founder and chairman of Share Our Strength, hosts Add Passion and Stir, a podcast exploring the role of food in our society.”
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts 

The Afro Beets 
Host: Christin Riddick
Category: Food, Plants, Sustainability 
Episodes-to-Date: 38
What It’s About: The Afro Beets podcast is your source to garden to table content inspired by culture and soul. We use food as a tool to explore the African diaspora and give you the knowledge on plants that will allow you to live your best life. Take a listen as I navigate life as a black vegan taking it one bite at a time.”
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify 

Host: Tom Philpott
Category: Food Politics, Activism 
Episodes-to-Date: 121
What It’s About: Bite is a podcast for people who think hard about their food. Join acclaimed food and farming blogger Tom Philpott, Mother Jones editors Kiera Butler and Maddie Oatman, and a tantalizing guest list of writers, farmers, scientists, and chefs as they uncover the surprising stories behind what ends up on your plate. We’ll help you digest the food news du jour, explore the politics and science of what you eat and why—and deliver plenty of tasty tidbits along the way.”
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, RSS

The Checkout
Hosts: Errol Schweizer and Evan Driscoll
Category: Food Justice, Food Systems, Food Policy
Episodes-to-Date: 63 
What It’s About: “Hosted and produced by two Organic food and farming lifers, The Checkout brings forward diverse voices and stories from the frontlines of our food system. Now more than ever, our food system is in a constant state of flux, radical change and crisis. From farm, retail and wholesale sector analyses to public policy, labor organizing and community struggles, The Checkout will expand the horizon for consumers and food industry professionals of what is possible and what is necessary to create a just, equitable and resilient food system.” 
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, PlayerFm

Host: Peter J. Kim
Category: Culture, Music, Cuisine 
Episodes-to-Date: 11
What It’s About: “A musical dive into the cultural identities behind the plate. Hosted by Peter J. Kim, Counterjam is an auditory feast of songs and interviews with musicians, chefs, and celebrities.”
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher 

Down to Earth: The Planet to Plate Podcast
Host: Quivira Coalition
Category: Climate Change, Food Systems
Episodes-to-Date: 94 
What It’s About: Down to Earth is a podcast about hope. As climate change collides with our industrial food system, we focus not on doom but instead on people who are developing practical, innovative solutions. We invite you to meet farmers, ranchers, scientists, land managers, writers, and many others on a mission to create a world in which the food we eat is healthy—for us, for the land and water from which it springs, for the lives and livelihoods of the producers, and for the planet.”
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher 

Eat Drink Asia
Hosts: Bernice Chan and Alkira Reinfrank
Category: Cuisine
Episodes-to-Date: 25
What It’s About:Eat Drink Asia is an award-winning podcast by the South China Morning Post that deep dives into the forgotten history of some of Asia’s most popular dishes that have gone global. Discover the human story behind some of Asia’s most loved foods, drinks and condiments with SCMP journalists, as they speak with chefs, restaurateurs and food experts from across the region.”
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud 

Eating Matters
Host: Jenna Liut
Category: Food Policy
Episodes-to-Date: 180
What It’s About: “Food has emerged as a critical policy area – and it raises big questions about health, labor, sustainability and our collective future. Join host Jenna Liut for conversations with food policy experts and leaders about the issues that shape our everyday experiences of buying, cooking and eating food.” 
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher

Edible Activist 
Host: Melissa L. Jones
Category: Food, Agriculture, Farming
Episodes-to-Date: 112 
What It’s About: Edible Activist is a podcast where dynamic people of color in the food and agriculture space share personal food journeys, stories and perspectives that stem from the land. Hosted by Melissa L. Jones, she interviews a diverse group of everyday growers, farmers, artists, healers, and other extraordinary individuals, who exemplify activism in their own edible way.”
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podchaser

Farm to Table Talk 
Host: Rodger Wasson 
Category: Food Policy, Agriculture 
Episodes-to-Date: 100 
What It’s About: “The Farm To Table Talk podcast is a virtual table for conversations about ideas, insights, and journeys of chefs, farmers, policymakers, researchers, NGOs and the food-focused public about our food and how it is grown, prepared and shared throughout society.”
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn

Female Farmer Project 
Host: Audra Mulkern
Category: Agriculture, Food Equity
Episodes-to-Date: 50
What It’s About: “A podcast series that aims to serve as a platform for women to discuss agricultural issues, and give power to the traditional, cultural, and experience-driven knowledge. Female Farmer Project shines a light on the many women who are shaping today’s global food system. Listeners can hear from those who are starting their new lives as first-generation farmers, growing indigenous grains in Zimbabwe, and working to dismantle racism in the U.S. Tune in for a series celebrating the vast knowledge women hold.” 
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Stitcher

The Food Chain
Host: Emily Thomas
Category: Science, Culture 
Episodes-to-Date: 300
What It’s About: “The Food Chain examines the business, science and cultural significance of food, and what it takes to put food on your plate.”
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Listen Notes

Food Systems
Host: Forum for the Future of Agriculture (FFA) 
Category: Food Systems
Episodes-to-Date: 28 
What It’s About: “In Food Systems, the FFA interviews politicians, civil society representatives, thought leaders, scientists, activists, farmers, business leaders and many others. What do they all share? Ideas and action on how we can deliver a safe, plentiful, and above all sustainable food system that works for everyone.”
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podbean, PlayerFM

Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg
Host: Dani Nierenberg
Category: Food Waste, Hunger, Food Safety 
Episodes-to-Date: 273
What It’s About: “Food Tank’s Danielle Nierenberg chats with the most important folks in the food industry about the most important food news twice a week.” 
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Podchaser

Food with Mark Bittman 
Host: Mark Bittman
Category: Food Accessibility, Hunger 
Episodes-to-Date: 11
What It’s About: “Former New York Times food journalist and #1 bestselling author Mark Bittman (How to Cook Everything, Eat Vegan Before 6:00) has a love for food and a passion for food issues. He explores all aspects of food – from what to have for dinner, how to raise healthy children, and how to make a perfect meringue to big picture questions about climate change, sustainability, and global hunger” 
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Podbay, Podchaser

Host: Real Food Media
Category: Food Systems
Episodes-to-Date: 5
What It’s About: Foodtopias, a new podcast produced by Real Food Media in partnership with our allies in the food movement, shares the stories and strategies of those who are imagining and creating a healthy, just, and resilient food system. Foodtopias features the workers, farmers, healers, ecologists, and community organizers who are cultivating food utopias, with a focus on the vision and perspectives of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color), womxn, and grassroots movement leaders.”
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher 

Land of the Giants: Delivery Wars 
Host: Ahmed Ali Akbar
Category: Restaurant Industry, Food Delivery
Episodes-to-Date: 28
What It’s About: “Big tech is changing every aspect of our world. But how? And at what cost? In this special four-part series, Recode teams up with Eater to unbox the evolving world of food delivery. Find out how the rise of investor-backed third-party delivery apps has dramatically changed consumer behavior, helped create a modern gig workforce, disrupted small businesses, and potentially changed our relationship with food forever.” 
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Vox, Stitcher 

The Leading Voices in Food 
Host: Duke Sanford World Food Policy Center 
Category: Food systems, Food Safety, Food Policy, Agriculture 
Episodes-to-Date: 100 
What It’s About: “Our vision for The Leading Voices in Food podcast series is to offer wide-ranging perspectives and knowledge from researchers, community leaders, policymakers, farmers and more.  We want to introduce new ideas and people, shift your thinking in topics you know well, and contribute to movement towards equity and resilience in the food system”
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Radiopublic, TuneIn, Stitcher 

Point of Origin
Host: Stephen Satterfield
Category: Food History, Agriculture, Food Justice
Episodes-to-Date: 30
What It’s About: “Point of Origin is about the world of food, worldwide. Each week we travel to different countries exploring culture through food, examining its past and present, and what it teaches us about who we are and how we came to be.”
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Host: Bridget Lancaster
Category: Food History
Episodes-to-Date: 93
What It’s About: “Proof goes beyond recipes and cooking to investigate the foods we love (tiki drinks) and don’t love (the grain bowl); ask the big questions (where do food cravings come from?); and uncover the hidden backstories that feed your food-obsessed brain.”
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn

The Splendid Table
Host: Francis Lam
Category: Cuisine, Culture 
Episodes-to-Date: 25
What It’s About: “The Splendid Table has always connected people through the common language of food and eating. Now with award-winning food journalist Francis Lam at the helm, we’re bringing forward even more fresh voices and surprising conversations at the intersection of food, people and culture – covering everything from the global appeal of sesame to the impact of Instagram on everyday eating. It’s a food show where everyone is welcome.”
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora

The Sporkful 
Host: Dan Pashman
Category: Food, Cooking
Episodes-to-Date: 326 
What It’s About: “Each week on the show, we use humor and humanity to approach food from many angles, including science, history, race, culture, economics, and lengthy debates on the best way to layer peanut butter and jelly in a sandwich. We like to say it’s not for foodies, it’s for eaters.” 
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher 

Toasted Sister 
Host: Andi Murphy 
Category: Cuisine, Food Heritage, Farming 
Episodes-to-Date: 4
What It’s About: Toasted Sister is a food journalism podcast hosted and produced by food writer and photographer Andi Murphy that highlights chefs and farmers who work to preserve indigenous food heritage. The podcast explores what Indigenous cuisine is, where it comes from, where it’s headed, and how it’s used to connect them and their people to their origins and traditions through interviews with Native chefs and other members of the food industry.”
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud

Tofu Talk
Hosts: Johnathon Tang 
Category: Food, Culture, Plant-based
Episodes-to-Date: 38
What It’s About: “Hosts Johnathon Tang and Asia dive into conversations about food, culture, activism, and intersectionality. The duo shares their own experiences as Asian-Americans in their Identity Series. Tofu Talk Pod aims to inspire plant-based eating and activism in the food world and beyond. Listeners will stay informed about news in the intersectional veganism and activism space through Jonathan and Asia’s episodes.”
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify 

What Doesn’t Kill You: Food Industry Insights
Host: Katy Keiffer
Category: Food Systems, Food Production, Food Waste
Episodes-to-Date: 341 
What It’s About: What Doesn’t Kill You: Food Industry Insights endeavors to identify and explain some of the key issues in our food system through interviews with journalists, authors, scientists, activists, and industry experts. Water rights, meat and agricultural production, food waste, labor issues, and new technologies are just some of the topics explored so we can better understand how to feed the future.” 
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher 

Young Farmers Podcast
Host: National Young Farmers Coalition 
Category: Food Policy, Farming, Climate Change
Episodes-to-Date: 58 
What It’s About: “It’s time to pay attention to the policies, programs, and events that are shaping the future of agriculture. Our host, Lindsey Lusher Shute, co-founder of the National Young Farmers Coalition, provides a fresh, farmer-centric take on food and farm policy. We talk with policy makers, experts and advocates, and, of course, farmers, about the most critical issues facing farming in the U.S. and globally.” 
Listen on: Apple Podcasts, PlayerFm

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