Journal Articles

Journal Articles

Here you’ll find journal publications prepared by NYC Food Policy Center affiliated faculty and students.

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Ordered by most recent date of publication, then alphabetically:

Sue Atkinson, Nicholas Freudenberg. What role for cities in food policy? Public Health 2015; April, 129(4): 293-29.

N. Freudenberg, S. Atkinson. Getting food policy on the Mayoral table: a comparison of two election cycles in New York and London. Public Health 2015; April, 129(4):295-302.

M.M. Leung, H. Fu, A. Agaronov, N. Freudenberg. Diet-related determinants of childhood obesity in urban settings: a comparison between Shanghai and New York. Public Health 2015; April, 129(4): 318-326.

Kimberly Libman. Has New York City fallen into the local trap? Public Health 2015; April, 129(4): 310-317

K. Libman, N. Freudenberg, D. Sanders, T. Puoane, L. Tsolekile. The role of urban food policy in preventing diet-related non-communicable diseases in Cape Town and New York. Public Health 2015; April, 129(4): 327-335.

E.K. Tsui, J. Wurwarg, J. Poppendieck, J. Deutsch, N. Freudenberg. Institutional food as a lever for improving health in cities: the case of New York City. Public Health 2015;April, 129(4): 303-309

T. Angotti. Urban agriculture: long-term strategy or impossible dream?: Lessons from Prospect Farm in Brooklyn, New York. Public Health 2015; April, 129(4): 336-34.

Yeh M, Platkin C, Fishman J, Fuentes L, Parikh N. Restaurant Management Views on the New National Menu Labeling Law in the U.S.” International Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics. May 2014. Volume 2, Issue 1.

Freudenberg N, Tsui E. Evidence, power, and policy change in community-based participatory research. Am J Public Health. 2014;104(1):11-4

Kornfeld D. Bringing Good Food in: A History of New York City’s Greenmarket Program. Journal of Urban History. March 2014;40: 345-356.

Leung MM, Tripicchio G, Agaronov A, Hou N. Manga Comic Influences Snack Selection in Black and Hispanic New York City Youth. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. January 13, 2014;46(2),142-147; Epub

Schiavo R, Leung MM, Brown M. Communicating risk and promoting disease mitigation measures in epidemics and emerging disease settings. Pathogens and Global Health. 2014;108(2), 76-94.

Freudenberg N, Manzo L, Mongiello L, Jones H, Boeri N, Lamberson P. Promoting the health of young adults in urban public universities: a case study from City University of New York. J Am Coll Health. 2013;61(7):422-30.

Poppendieck, J. The ABCs of School Lunch,  A Place at the Table. Peter Pringle, Editor. New York: Public Affairs Press for Participant Media.

Blackwell, A. G., Thompson, M., Freudenberg, N., Ayers, J., Schrantz, D., & Minkler, M. (2012). Using community organizing and community building to influence public policy. Community Organizing and Community Building for Health and Welfare, 371.

Dinour L, Leung MM, Tripicchio G, Khan S, Yeh MC. The Association between Marital Transitions, Body Mass Index, and Weight: A Review of the Literature,” Journal of Obesity. 2012.

Tsui E, Bylander K, Cho M, Maybank A, Freudenberg N. Engaging youth in food activism in New York City: lessons learned from a youth organization, health department, and university partnership. J Urban Health. 2012 Oct;89(5):809-27.

Freudenberg N. The manufacture of lifestyle: the role of corporations in unhealthy living. J Public Health Policy. 2012 May;33(2):244-56.

Loureiro MI, Freudenberg N. Engaging municipalities in community capacity building for childhood obesity control in urban settings. Fam Pract. 2012 Apr;29 Suppl 1:i24-30.

Freudenberg N. Book Review: Toni Yancey, Instant Recess Building a Fit Nation 10 Minutes at a Time. Preventive Medicine 2012; 54(3): 288-289.

Gagnon M, Freudenberg N. and Corporate Accountability International. Slowing Down Fast Food: A policy guide for healthier kids and families. Boston, MA: Corporate Accountability International, 2012.

Leung MM, Agaronov A, Grytsenko K, Yeh MC. Intervening to Reduce Sedentary Behaviors and Childhood Obesity among School-Age Youth: A Systematic Review of Randomized Trials. J Obes. 2012;2012:685430.

Platkin C. The Diet Detective’s All American Diet (Rodale, 2012).

Platkin, C., E. A. Kelvin, and M. Yeh. Effectiveness of Exercise Equivalents and Calorie Information on Vending Machine Usage among College Students.” Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (2012):  A64.

Freudenberg N, Tsui E. Training new community health, food service, and environmental protection workers could boost health, jobs, and growth. Health Aff (Millwood). 2011;30(11):2098-106. PMID: 22068402.

Freudenberg N, Pastor M, Israel B. Strengthening community capacity to participate in making decisions to reduce disproportionate environmental exposures. Am J Public Health. 2011;101 Suppl 1:S123-30.

Freudenberg N. Priority actions for the non-communicable disease crisis. Lancet. 2011 13;378(9791):565.

Freudenberg N, McDonough J, Tsui E. Can a food justice movement improve nutrition and health? A case study of the emerging food movement in New York City. J Urban Health. 2011;88(4):623-36. doi:

Freudenberg N, Olden K. Getting serious about the prevention of chronic diseases. Prev Chronic Dis. 2011;8(4):A90.

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