11 Anti-Hunger Organizations to Follow on Social Media Right Now

by Alexina Cather, MPH

Find ways that you can help alleviate hunger in NYC by following these awesome organizations on social media.

Bedstuy Campaign Against Hunger

  • Facebook name: Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger (BSCAH)
  • Instagram handle: bscahnyc
  • Twitter handles/hashtags: BedStuyAgainstHunger
  • Overview: This Brooklyn-based organization provides emergency food, social services, and fresh produce to nearby neighborhoods through their urban farms, SuperPantry, and community health programs. Bedstuy also guides those who may be eligible for government assistance, such as SNAP, in obtaining the benefits they qualify for.
  • Latest campaign: Opened in 2013 and managed entirely by teens, the Saratoga Urban Agro-Ecological Center produces fresh fruit and vegetables to the community throughout the year. All produce is sold on their weekly Farmers Market or donated to their SuperPantry.
  • How many followers:
    • Twitter: 931 twitter followers
    • Instagram: 718 instagram followers
    • Facebook: 1060 facebook likes
  • What’s interesting about this organization: Bedstuy’s urban farms not only provide fresh food to the community – they also serve as training grounds for the youth. BSCAH’s Green Teens Program engages at-risk teens in an intensive summer agriculture course. Upon completion, students are qualified to remain as part time instructors for other community programs.
  • Campaigns that stand out:
    • SuperPantry: BSCAH operates NYC’s largest food pantry. With a “supermarket setting”, New Yorkers in need can pick and choose which produce they’d like as they would in a grocery store.
    • Mobile Pantry: This initiative extends the SuperPantry’s services and delivers weekly to Far Rockaway and Coney Island.
  • Website URL: https://bedstuyagainsthunger.org/

City Harvest

  • Facebook nameCity Harvest
  • Instagram handlescityharvestnyc
  • Twitter hashtags/handles: City Harvest
  • OverviewCity Harvest helps feed the nearly 1.4 million New Yorkers facing hunger by rescuing approximately 150,000 pounds of food daily (55 million pounds this year) and delivering it free of charge to 500 community food programs across the five boroughs of New York City. The organization also advocates at the city, state, and federal level for policies and actions to alleviate hunger and food insecurity, and to ensure access to healthy and affordable food for all New Yorkers.
  • Latest campaign: We plan to open our tenth Mobile Market this spring, in Brooklyn. We currently operate nine markets throughout the five boroughs. Mobile Markets are our direct distributions of free, fresh produce to residents in low-income communities – they are open-air, farmers’ market-style distributions serving some 500 residents per market.
  • How many followers:
    • Twitter: 22,354 twitter followers
    • Instagram: 6,886 instagram followers
    • Facebook: 41,590 facebook likes
  • What’s interesting about this organization: City Harvest takes a long-term approach to hunger relief through its Healthy Neighborhoods initiative. In communities with elevated rates of food insecurity, poverty, and diet-related illnesses, City Harvest has developed programs and partnership to increase the availability of affordable, fresh produce and inspire healthy, budget-conscious meal choices through nutrition education.
  • Campaigns that stand out:
    • Healthy Neighborhoods: This program works at the local level with community organizations, schools, and businesses in order to find long terms solutions to food insecurity in the area.
  • Website URL: https://www.cityharvest.org/

Citymeals on Wheels

  • Facebook name: Citymeals on Wheels
  • Instagram handles@citymeals
  • Twitter hashtags/handles: @citymeals
  • Overview: Citymeals on Wheels provides a continuous lifeline of nourishing meals and vital companionship to New York City’s homebound elderly. Working in partnership with community-based organizations and senior centers, Citymeals prepares and delivers over 2 million weekend, holiday and emergency meals for more than 18,000 of our frail aged neighbors each year. Last year, over 15,000 individuals volunteered more than 71,000 hours of their time.
  • Latest campaignA Citymeals on Wheels initiative, Chefs Deliver brings together a rotating cast of culinary stars who, once a month, lend their talents to Citymeals – cooking and often personally delivering the meals to the doors of New Yorkers who are too frail to shop and cook for themselves. Chefs Deliver was launched in January 2014 by Citymeals Board of Directors Co-President Chef Daniel Boulud and Citymeals Board Member Chef Charlie Palmer.
  • How many followers:
    • Twitter: 3,738 twitter followers
    • Instagram: 1,579 instagram followers
    • Facebook: 42,837 facebook likes
  • What’s interesting about this organization: Since its founding in 1981, Citymeals has relied on the generosity of its Board of Directors, the City of New York, sponsors, and other designated gifts to cover administrative costs. This ensures that 100% of all public donations will be used entirely for the preparation and delivery of meals.
  • Campaigns that stand out:
    • Our Friendly Visiting program pairs kindhearted individuals with their homebound elderly neighbors in need of companionship. Volunteers are carefully screened and trained before being matched to an elderly person with whom they share a common interest or bond. Through regular visits in the meal recipients’ own homes, these unique relationships quickly grow into lasting friendships.
  • Website URL: https://www.citymeals.org/

Feeding America

  • Facebook nameFeeding America
  • Instagram handle: feedingamerica
  • Twitter hashtags/handles: Feeding America
  • OverviewFeeding America operates a national network of over 200 food banks, making it the largest and most cohesive hunger relief organization in the country.
  • Latest campaign: In 2015, Feeding America launched the Collaborating for Clients initiative. Under this program, nonprofit organizations will collaborate together to find long-term solutions to food insecurity in America.
  • How many followers:
    • Twitter: 247k twitter followers
    • Instagram: 25.7k instagram followers
    • Facebook: 583,945 facebook likes
  • What’s interesting about this organization: Feeding America collects its produce through donations in addition to rescuing food that would have otherwise gone to waste. This produce is then distributed across their food bank network. Feeding America also has targeted programs for children, seniors, and disaster relief.
  • Campaigns that stand out:
    • School Pantry Program: These school-based pantries allow low-income students and their families to have quick access to emergency food.
    • Hunger Action Center: The advocacy branch of Feeding America, this Washington D.C.-based sector combines the voices of over 150,000 people across the nation who fight for policy change on the local, state, and federal level.
  • Website URL: https://www.feedingamerica.org/

Food Bank For New York City

  • Facebook name: Food Bank For New York City
  • Instagram handle: foodbank4nyc
  • Twitter handles/hashtags: Food Bank For NYC
  • OverviewFood Bank For New York City has been the city’s major hunger-relief organization working to end hunger throughout the five boroughs for more than 30 years. Nearly one in five New Yorkers relies on Food Bank for food and other resources. Food Bank takes a strategic, multifaceted approach that provides meals and builds capacity in the neediest communities, while raising awareness and engagement among all New Yorker
  • Latest campaign: From February 1st to March 17th Food Bank for NYC’s will run a Justice Served campaign–an effort led by New York City’s legal community to close the meal gap in NYC. By donating funds and volunteering, firms and employees can help Food Bank For New York City distribute more meals to neighbors in need. Justice Served will also include a special option to earmark funds specifically for Passover food.
  • How many followers:
    • Twitter: 16.3k twitter followers
    • Instagram: 5,942 instagram followers
    • Facebook: 26,690 facebook likes
  • What’s interesting about this organization: Through its network of more than 1,000 charities and schools citywide, Food Bank provides food for more than 64 million free meals for New Yorkers in need. Food Bank For New York City’s income support services, including food stamps (also known as SNAP) and free tax assistance for the working poor, put more than $150 million each year into the pockets of New Yorkers, helping them to afford food and achieve greater dignity and independence. In addition, Food Bank’s nutrition education programs and services empower more than 44,000 children and adults to sustain a healthy diet on a low budget.
  • Programs that stand out:
    • Food Bank’s portfolio of nutrition education programs and services—which reach 44,000 children, teens and adults through the public schools and free workshops at our network of food pantries and soup kitchens—promotes better nutrition and combats the prevalence of obesity and diet-related diseases in New York City’s low-income neighborhoods.
    • Food Bank’s income support work – including free tax assistance, financial counseling, SNAP outreach and enrollment –  helps low-income New Yorkers improve their financial situation and become more self-reliant. Through our programs, vulnerable New Yorkers can access government benefits that enable them to purchase food on their own and rely less on emergency food programs.
  • Website URL: https://www.foodbanknyc.org/

Hunger-Free America  

  • Facebook nameHunger Free America
  • Instagram handleshunger_free_america
  • Twitter hashtags/handles: Hunger Free America
  • OverviewOriginally known as the New York City Coalition Against Hunger, Hunger Free America expanded their national work in 2016. HFA works to end food insecurity and alleviate poverty through grassroots mobilization and policy advocacy.
  • Latest campaign: Food Secure NYC 2018 – this comprehensive guide of policy recommendations seeks to compel food stakeholders (such as candidates for mayor and other government officials) to establish a plan to end food insecurity in NYC.
  • How many followers:
    • Twitter: 4,464 twitter followers
    • Instagram: 166 instagram followers
    • Facebook: 4,945 facebook likes
  • What’s interesting about this organization: HFA operates on all fronts: they seek to engage skills based volunteers and National AmeriCorps Service Members in the fight against hunger; they connect New Yorkers with government benefits they qualify for; they operate a national hotline to connect people across the country to emergency food providers near them, and they conduct research and advocacy to better inform anti-poverty and anti-hunger policies.
  • Campaigns that stand out:
    • Hunger Hotline: HFA operates the USDA’s National Hunger Hotline, a national resource for individuals and families who have questions regarding how to access emergency food, or to find benefits offices near them.
    • Farm Fresh Food Access: HFA operates four community CSAs across the city.
    • Food Action Board Project: This project uplifts community members by training them in leadership, advocacy, and organization in order to make their voices heard to government officials.
  • Website URL: https://www.hungerfreeamerica.org/

No Kid Hungry

  • Facebook nameNo Kid Hungry
  • Instagram handles: nokidhungry
  • Twitter hashtags/handles: No Kid Hungry
  • OverviewNo Kid Hungry works to end child hunger in NYC by connecting kids to effective nutrition programs. These projects range from providing healthy meals (including school breakfast and summer meals) for students, to educating low income families on nutritional literacy, shopping strategies, and preparing healthy meals on a budget.
  • Latest campaign: N/A
  • How many followers:
    • Twitter: 368k twitter followers
    • Instagram: 33.2k instagram followers
    • Facebook: 184,872 facebook likes
  • What’s interesting about this organization: ‘No Kid Hungry’ works to ensure that children have nutritious food all year round through their breakfast, summer and afterschool meal programs.
  • Campaigns that stand out:
    • Summer meals: When schools are closed, children from food insecure households can find themselves without access to healthy meals. The Summer Meals program ensures these children are fed all year round.
    • Breakfast program: This program seeks to implement breakfast programs in schools to make sure students have a healthy start to the day.
  • Website URL: https://newyorkcity.nokidhungry.org/

NY Common Pantry

  • Facebook nameNY Common Pantry
  • Instagram handles: nycommonpantry
  • Twitter hashtags/handles: @NYCommonPantry
  • OverviewNew York Common Pantry works to reduce hunger in NYC through food distribution and  targeted community programs. 
  • Latest campaign: Nourish is a Supplemental Food Program, funded by the USDA and NYS Department of Health, that works to improve the health of low-income elderly persons at least 60 years of age by supplementing their diets with nutritious USDA foods.
  • How many followers:
    • Twitter: 827 twitter followers 
    • Instagram: 317 instagram followers 
    • Facebook: 1,481 facebook likes
  • What’s interesting about this organization: New York Common Pantry works toward the reduction of hunger and food insecurity through an array of programs that function to establish long-term independence for those we serve.
  • Campaigns that stand out:
    • Choice Pantry: NYCP’s Choice Pantry Program, New York City’s largest community-based food pantry, allows its thousands of participants to choose culturally appropriate, nutritionally balanced food packages.
    • Live Healthy! Eat Smart New York: Funded by the NY Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance, offers free nutrition education to adults, children, and their families.
    • Help 365:  This Single Stop USA funded program is open 365 days a year to all Pantry members.  Help 365 provides screening by case managers to check for sufficient family income and resources. Help 365 staff assists members with acquiring benefits and entitlements, such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Social Security Supplemental Income; and provide assistance with accessing the other appropriate resources to prevent families from being evicted from their homes and by making employment referrals.
    • Project Dignity: Case managers offer counseling and referral services, access to benefits and entitlements, substance abuse treatment, and other medical and social services. Project Dignity’s services is also designed to meet the most basic needs of NYCP clients by providing food, haircuts, mail service and laundry.
    • Hot Meals: Serves breakfast Monday through Friday and hot dinner on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. All meals are cooked on NYCP premises and by staff cooks that prepare hearty balanced meals with wholesome ingredients.
  • Website URL: https://nycommonpantry.org/

Rescuing Leftover Cuisine

  • Facebook nameRescuing Leftover Cuisine
  • Twitter hashtags/handles: @RescuingCuisine
  • Instagram handle: rescuingleftovercuisine
  • Overview: Operating in twelve cities and headquartered in NYC, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine works with restaurants, hotels, and caterers to collect and donate food to shelters that would have otherwise gone to waste. RLC also provides food waste consultation.
  • Latest campaignCheck out RLC’s calendar for the next event in your neighborhood
  • How many followers:
    • Twitter: 952 twitter followers
    • Instagram: 675 instagram followers
    • Facebook: 4,913 facebook likes
  • What’s interesting about this organizationRescuing Leftover Cuisine owes much of its operations to the labor of their volunteers. Volunteers are responsible for identifying shelters in their communities and for the safe transportation of produce.
  • Campaigns that stand out: N/A
  • Website URL: https://www.rescuingleftovercuisine.org/

West Side Campaign Against Hunger

  • Facebook nameWest Side Campaign Against Hunger (Facebook/WSCAH)
  • Instagram handle: wscah_
  • Twitter hashtags/handles: WSCAH
  • OverviewFounded in 1979, West Side Campaign Against Hunger is a supermarket style pantry that combines the provision of emergency food, with counseling, access to benefits and job training to help people build stability and self-reliance.  Our customer choice model treats people with dignity and empowers clients to seek long-term solutions.  Last year we provided nearly 1.7 million pounds of food to more than 33,000 people, and helped enroll 520 families in food stamps and 341 in health insurance.
  • Latest campaign: West Side Campaign Against Hunger is developing a mobile pantry that will provide food in communities that lack healthy, affordable options, and serve populations with limited mobility, especially older adults. They will partner with community based organizations to provide their clients with nutritious food. They will also ensure that clients receive counseling and case management services to help stabilize their lives and begin to build self-sufficiency.
  • How many followers:
    • Twitter: 579 twitter followers
    • Instagram: 11 instagram followers
    • Facebook: 1,272 facebook likes
  • What’s interesting about this organization: The West Side Campaign Against Hunter invented the supermarket-style, customer-choice method of pantry operation, which has now been adopted by most pantries.  West Side Campaign Against Hunger is also a customer cooperative, with much of the work in the pantry done by customer volunteers.
  • Campaigns that stand out:
    • Chef Training Program: This bilingual, 14-week program provides the skills and knowledge to work in the foodservice industry.
    • Social Programs: West Side Campaign Against Hunger seeks to improve community health by providing a variety of social services, including counseling, financial relief, and health care.
  • Website URL: https://www.wscah.org/


  • Facebook nameWhyHunger
  • Instagram handlewhyhungerpix
  • Twitter hashtags/handles: WhyHunger
  • OverviewWhyHunger works to build and support resilient, powerful and unified networks of grassroots leaders and communities working at the root causes of hunger and poverty to build and strengthen social movements worldwide to end hunger and achieve social justice.
  • Latest campaign: Check out their website for ways to get involved and the latest events.
  • How many followers:
    • Twitter: 10.5k twitter followers
    • Instagram: 580 instagram followers
    • Facebook: 12,149 facebook likes
  • What’s interesting about this organization: WhyHunger does not merely provide a service. Instead, the organization supports grassroots and social movements, giving them the resources they need to become self-reliant and bring about positive change to their communities. WhyHunger works at the intersection of hunger and racial justice, public health, environmental and climate justice, and economic justice.
  • Campaigns that stand out:
    • Grassroots Action Network: This program provides local leaders and advocates with the support and training to make their voices heard and accelerate change.
    • Artists Against Hunger and Poverty: This program engages local artists in the fight against hunger by using their talents to spread awareness.
    • Global Movement Program: WhyHunger supports grassroots and local movements across the globe, promoting international solidarity and helping communities become self-reliant.
    • Nourish Network for the Right to Food: This program supports emergency food providers to improve their capacity to source, prepare and distribute healthy and nutritious food to their clients, improving health outcomes. At the same time, the program works to shift the role of food access organizations in the United States to advocate for the right to food and to address the root causes of hunger – moving the response to hunger from a system of charity, to one grounded in social justice.
  • Website URL: https://www.whyhunger.org/

Photo: WhyHunger Chef Ambassador Aarón Sánchez talks nutritious food, farming and cooking with youth leaders at EcoStation:NY, a social and environmental justice community-based organization in Brooklyn, NY that WhyHunger is honored to partner with in the fight for food justice.

Photo credit: Diane Bondareff

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